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In today’s increasingly legislative environment, there is a demand for cleaning, pollution control and other innovative technologies that benefit employees, society and the environment – at the same time delivering a reduction in operating costs and improving efficiency.

The demand for our range of sustainable solutions has developed significantly since the launch of Rozone in the mid 90`s – in that time, we have been fortunate to supply our solutions to a wide range of industrial and commercial customers including Defence, Utilities, Oil and Gas, Aerospace, Automotive, Government and Municipal, Emergency Services, Rail, Food Industry, Airports, Plant Hire, Telecommunications, Engineering and many more.

In our world, it is the solution that is important, rather than the specific product. This means that it is part of our philosophy to be constantly on the look out for new solutions.

Rozone specialises in solving problems that have, for some time, been the preserve of potentially hazardous chemicals products and replacing these where we can with water based, safer solvent based solutions.  Our philosophy is to help with the protection and wellbeing of users whilst offering environmental benefits to the organisations using them.



Company Heritage



Rozone Ltd is part of Rubery Owen.

Rubery Owen remains responsive in a changing world and has moved in line with market demands. It is now committed to servicing a broad market group through its subsidiary companies. Richard Jenkins is the fourth generation executive chairman at the helm, having taken over from John Owen in 2015.

Rubery Owen operates eight group companies in a diverse range of markets.


Through the Years




Rubery Owen has been at the forefront of automotive component technology since the birth of the motor car.

The company employed 17,000 worldwide at its height, with 5,000 skilled workers at its 74 acre site in Booth Street, Darlaston alone. Rubery Owen has been synonymous with quality and enterprise over the years. Until the 1980’s many of the cars made in Britain would have had a Rubery Owen product in it, whether a wheel, an axle or a simple bolt.

The Rubery Owen Group was involved in The British Racing Motors project from its inception in 1949 and acquired a controlling interest in the early 1950`s.

The BRM racing team won the F1 Championship in 1962 and, over the years, many famous drivers drove for BRM – including Juan Manuel Fangio, Graham Hill, Jackie Stewart, Stirling Moss, Jose Froilan Gonzalez, Charles Anthony “Tony” Brooks, Joakim Bonnier and Ricardo Rodriguez to name but a few.


21st Century

Rubery Owen remains responsive in a changing world and has moved in line with market demands. It is now committed to servicing a broad market group through its subsidiary companies


1970’s – 90’s

1971 – Rubery Owen vying with Littlewoods to be Britain’s largest privately owned company in early 1970’s

1970’s – 80’s – Significant Downturn and Recession

1980-81 – Closure of Darlaston Factory


1960’s – 1970’s

1962 – BRM is F1 World Champion

1964 – Donald Campbell, son of Sir Malcolm Campbell, makes the Land Speed Record in Bluebird which was created by Rubery Owen


1950’s – 1960’s

1950’s and 60’s – “You’ve Never Had it So Good” said McMillan and this was true for Rubery Owen who, at this time, boasted 17,000 employees working in 63 companies throughout 5 continents.


1900 – 1940’s

1893 – 1930 Rubery Owen becomes a major player in the manufacture of motor chassis, structural steelwork and aerospace components

1930’s and 40’s – War Effort sees Rubery Owen enjoy significant growth



1884 – JT Rubery and Brothers opens for business

1893 – AE Owen joins as Partner to Mr Rubery

1910 – AE Owen buys out Rubery Family





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